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A BOP (Businessowners Policy) is intended to provide coverage for liability and property losses in one packaged policy for small to medium-sized businesses. Generally, packaging these two coverages together reduces the annual premium of a policy. These small business policies generally start and stay around $500.00/year.

The class of businesses that are eligible for this type of policy typically include retail stores, apartments, office-based businesses, artisan and service contractors, restaurants and food shops, web designers and computer techs, distributors and wholesale, medical offices, non-profits, car washes, animal care services, barber shops, launderers, day spas, religious organizations, specialty schools, etc.

As in a stand-alone general liability policy, the liability portion of the BOP can provide coverage for bodily injury, property damage, and advertising injury or personal injury that you cause from your operations. The property side of the BOP can provide coverage for your building and your contents in the building if damages were to occur. Other coverages are available in a BOP, for example, Business Interruption Insurance, which would provide coverage for the loss of income you incurred from a disruption in your operations due to fire or other type of catastrophe.

These policies do not offer coverage for professional liability, auto insurance, workers comp or health and disability insurance.